Glory was founded in 1996 as a sole partnership aiming to acquire a base operation from major potential companies in the Egyptian market, and build, through partnership or operational diversification and expansion, a company to 1) be positioned as a leading provider of quality high-speed data services in Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) environments, 2) deliver high-quality, low-cost bundled voice, data and Internet services to small and medium businesses, 3) deliver Internet based value added services such as business office applications, customer management backend services, online gaming etc . 4) deliver hardware turn-key packages bundled with top-notch technologies and network planning. Initially the company started in focusing on customers in Cairo and then gradually started focusing on the rest of the Egyptian Districts. In 2005, Glory became GloryEgypt S.A.E to address further market needs and take steady steps in expanding the business.

Glory has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive experience in the Telecommunication Industry, and unique administration skills. Its team includes Mr. Bassem Hamdy and Mr. Ahmed Hamdy. Each has 8 to 10 years experience in the telecommunication industry providing product and services to Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) and Internet Service Providers (ISP); a proven track record of starting, growing and securing funding for several successful and profitable high-growth telecommunication projects. Our goals are:1) establish the business as a high quality service provider in the minds of consumers and businesses with the intent to capture new/more customers , 2) to engender credibility with our major corporate partners and obtain the benefits of their increased support, and 3) to offer industry leading customer support to increase customer satisfaction and establish differentiation. Our near-term goals are to establish the business as a high quality service provider in the minds of consumers and businesses, to enhance credibility with our major corporate partners, and to develop a brand that, when marketed, is immediately recognizable by anyone who hears or sees GloryEgypt, S.A.E.

GloryEgypt, S.A.E benefits from several strategic alliances with several major Local and International market players that are covered by executed formal Agreements and receiving very competitive product pricing, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services and products to customers.

GloryEgypt's initial move into the telecommunications service provider market was the partnership in the existing network, assets, and Internet bandwidth of numerous carriers in Cairo, targeting all of the Egyptian districts. The first six months of operation, which started in 2000 were largely spent on acquiring new customers and increasing the sales base for the broadband services and introducing and marketing for new hardware applications based on broadband technology.

During 2004, GloryEgypt successfully expanded its network presence and began offering not only Residential ADSL services, but also delivering Bundled High-Speed Internet Service over high-speed links to individual small and medium businesses. These services are provided directly from Glory virtual network, and do not involve resale of service from the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier.

In 2005, GloryEgypt has grown its Business Client base by over 200% from year-end 2002 through January 2005. Its Residential data client base has grown over 15% over the same time period. Overall revenues have grown over 150%. GloryEgypt has identified new market opportunities it plans to attack dependent on availability of capital.

GloryEgypt provides its customers with Turn-Key package solutions which involves hardware network solutions, internet/connectivity solutions and value added services solutions all at a cutting edge technology and a cost effective pricing scheme where the customer receives full technical 24/7 support from one single call center which holds the responsibility to service the customer in any problems he might encounter whether it is in an Internet service, hardware application, network solutions or value added services such as Wi-Fi or VoIP or Video on Demand.

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