What is SDSL?

The SDSL service does not operate on a telephone line like the ADSL, it operates on a local loop between your premises and the exchange, therefore, minimizing any technical problems the normal telephone lines may encounter. Unlike the ADSL which operates on the ratio of 1:8, the SDSL operates on a ratio of 1:1 therefore giving you faster uploading speed, and priority over the ADSL residential users.

SDSL Service Type & Pricing

Package Downlink kpbs Monthly 3 Months 6Months Annual
Silver 128 Kbps 720 LE 2160 LE 4320 LE 8640 LE
Gold 256 Kbps 1111 LE 3333 LE 6666 LE 13333 LE
Extra Gold 384 Kbps 1500 LE 4500 LE 9000 LE 18000 LE
Platinum 512K bps 1990 LE 5970 LE 11440 LE 23880 LE
Diamond 1024 Kbps 3560 LE 10680 LE 21360 LE 42720 LE

**Prices include 10% sales tax.

Package included with the above speeds:

Extra Gold

8 Static IP
Domain Name www.yourcompany.com
Free 15 e-mail boxes


16 Static IP, Domain Name www.yourcompany.com, Free 30 e-mail boxes

* SDSL CPE (Hardware) SDSL modem rent free of charge only for subscribers in their term of subscription. (Please be noted that the customer has to return the modem if and when he/she wishes to terminate or change the hardware)

Other costs:
Local Loop: 1200 L.E. per Year
Installation: 300 L.E. One Time Fees
Loop Maintenance: fee included in tariff

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