Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) provides high performance, fully digital access to the telecommunications network- through standard copper telephone lines and allows simultaneous flow of data, voice and video.
ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface) consists of 2 x 64K channels (B Channels) and 1 x 16K channel (D Channel). The D Channel is used to establish the call, while the B Channel is used to carry the data (internet) or voice. Typical uses of ISDN BRI are for high - speed Internet access, Voice and back up data transfer. Each ISDN BRI gives the user a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 unique telephone numbers. However, only 2 lines can be used at the same time.

Why ISDN Internet?

There's no more wasting time, because ISDN can transmit data at up to four times the speed of a fast analogue modem. Graphics, audio, and video come through much faster. Download time is substantially reduced. You can use one channel to surf the net while keeping the other for fax or voice. So you don't have to miss a call. Moreover, analogue modems can take up to half a minute to set up a connection, with ISDN you're up and running in about a quarter of a second. Because it's digital, the long handshaking process of analogue modems is not required. ISDN allows you to spend your time more productively - rather than wasting it waiting for pages to load.

What are the benefits of ISDN?

Integration: One line integrates fax, Internet (data), video or phone.
High Speed: Enables your existing phone line to carry voice, data and video traffic at speeds of 64kbps or 128 kbps.
Quality and Security: ISDN allows you to use new business applications like video conferencing, advanced calling features, and high speed Internet. All data transfers can be made more quickly and securely, and with superior call quality because ISDN is digital and sends clear digital signals at high speeds over regular phone lines.
Cost effectiveness: No major network investment is required since the existing telephone network is utilized.
Reliability: ISDN provides greater accuracy, stability of connections, and enhanced call features.
Control and flexibility: ISDN gives you control over allocating channels to take advantage of the enhanced call handling features of ISDN.
Time Efficiency: ISDN provides fast and virtually error-free transmission of data.

Main applications

Internet Access
File Transfer
Data Backup
Remote LAN (Local Area Network) access
Point-to-point applications involving remote access
Value Added Voice Features
Calling Line Identification
User-to-User messaging
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Direct inward dial
Fixed Destination
2 B-channels of 64kbps each
Digital connection.
Two default telephone numbers, can be up to 8 numbers
All type of traffic voice, Date and Video
Fast call setup
High-speed connection (up to 128 kbps)
Hunting group.
Terminal Portability.
Fax G4. (Digital Fax)

System Requirements:

Network Termination (NT): this is required customer premises equipment that will be provided by GLORY.
All equipment to be used with the ISDN lines should be ETSI standard based (including modem, telephone, fax, etc.)

ISDN Srvice Type & Pricing:

Speeds Monthly *3Months *6Months Annual
ISDN 64k 97 LE 257 LE 477 LE 777 LE
ISDN 128k 109 LE 319 LE 519 LE 999 LE

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